Recommended dietary formula for beef cattle fattening

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1. Large-scale cattle farm


In large-scale fattening cattle farms, the beginning weight is generally 300 kg per head around. There are two ratios in table below.


Formula for fattening diets suitable for large-scale cattle farms


2. Small-scale cattle farm


When farmers feed several to dozens of fattening cows, the feed formula is relatively rough, and the formula below can be used for fattening. The weight scope of fattening cattle can be suitable for small cattle farms:



When using the formula above, the fattening period is usually divided into the following three stages:

A.Transitional period: before entering the fattening period, deworming is required for about 15 days. At first, it is mainly allowed to freely eat forage, then reduce the length of forage to 1-2 cm, and then gradually add concentrate to 1 kg, mix well with forage and feed.


B. Pre-fattening period: at this time, feed about 2 kg of concentrate per day. According to the level of 8 kg of dry matter, the ratio of forage to concentrate is 6: 4 (or 5: 5), and the crude protein level is 11-13%. This period is 15-60 days.


C. Late fattening: the dry matter level at this stage can reach 10 kg, the crude protein level is 10-12%, the ratio of concentrate and forage is 7: 3 (or 6: 4), and this period is 60-120 days. Although we have added baking soda to the premix, and we must add another amount of sodium bicarbonate when the concentrate is relatively high or the amount of distilled grain is high.


Pay attention to prevention from swelling disease and diarrhea throughout the fattening period, ensure adequate drinking water, and feed regularly. To accelerate weight gain, can adopt night feeding.