To prevent abortion of dairy cows, pls do so!

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For the farmers, the breeding of the herd is a big event, and the pregnancy of the cow is a happy event. However, everyone knows that the pregnancy of the cow is also risky. How to let the calf out safely, and prevent the dairy cows from abortion? 


Let us first understand several reasons for cow abortion:


1. Mechanical abortion. Abortion caused by external forces such as collision, and vigorous exercise belongs to mechanical abortion. Cows must be reared in small circles after pregnancy and not in large groups to avoid collisions.


2. Malnutrition abortion. Cows are too thin, and they are more prone to abortion when they are malnourished. When cow’s condition is poor, nutrition should be properly strengthened. But don't feed too much to avoid dystocia.


3. Mycotoxin abortion. When cows eat moldy and forage grass feed, abortion can occur.


4. Habitual abortion. Habitual abortion occurs when the cow has a uterine prolapse or abortion.


5. Inflammation. When the cow has inflammation of reproductive organs such as endometritis, there may be abortion.


How can we prevent cow abortion?


1. Effective prevention and control of tuberculosis, salmonellosis and brucellosis, which can cause abortion; for non-infected herds, do not introduce livestock from the epidemic area; if it must be introduced, it should be introduced from disease-free areas, and carry out quarantine and breeding under isolation conditions, and make sure that there is no disease before mixing.


2. Scientific feeding to ensure the nutrition of pregnant cows. Dew grass should not be placed in spring to prevent abortion caused by diarrhea. In summer and autumn, graze early and late, and feed evening grass to strengthen nutrition, so that pregnant cows will become good, strong, and bring better conditions into winter.


3. Strengthen the management and care of pregnant cows. During pregnancy, especially late pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus, the cow's abdominal circumference increases and the action is slow. If not properly managed, it is easy to cause abortion and premature delivery. The staff should be familiar with the temper of the pregnant cow, and the fence should be spacious to prevent squeezing. It is best to feed in a single cowshed and single tank.


4. A sports ground should be set up when the house is made(the sports ground is located in front of or behind the cowshed, the area is designed according to 6-8 square meters per cow) to ensure that the cows have sufficient light and movement; but the pregnant cows are in the late pregnancy should not exercise too much. The floor of the cowshed should be of no-slip to prevent the pregnant cow from being squeezed or collided. Do not whip the pregnant cow to prevent it from being frightened.


As for the pregnancy of cows, we must carefully manage from all aspects, learn the causes of cow abortion and knowledge of preventing cow abortion, avoid the occurrence of abortion.